My Story

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Hello, my name is Brent Clarke Owner Operator of Personal Success Milestones. I am very glad you came by my website, or have viewed one of my 30 minute free seminars online. I have been running small businesses for over 30 years. I have been observing human behavior most of my life. I have personally trained hundreds and hundreds of employees over several decades. everyday I am shocked and appalled by what I see going on around me. People wasting time and going thru life aimlessly and without purpose, focus, education and any real desire or commitment to a truly successful life. If you just come to one of my free 30 minute webinars, or take one of my training courses, Which has a money back guarantee, I will reveal to you my personal success formulas I have been working on for 30 plus years. If you decide after listening to one of free webinars, to purchase one of my personal success coaching and training classes, I will teach you a set of personal success instructions I have been working on perfecting so you can catapult yourself into great personal success. Although we have never met, I can tell you that I already believe in you. Why is that you say? You took the time out of your busy and hectic lives to review my success courses, so I believe in you. Now let's talk about my FREE 30 minute Seminar, The Top 5 Fast Tracks Steps to Success.